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Are the three Fs important to you? Faith, Family, Fishing?

Then maybe you should own your own business and get control of your destiny today!

Whether you have an existing business you wish to add soft washing too, or you are starting new with your first business venture, SoftWash Systems makes starting this journey easy.

Discover SoftWash is an Educational event hosted at the corporate headquarters of SoftWash Systems in Sanford, FL. Discover SoftWash is aptly named as it’s a fantastic way for you to start out your soft washing journey discovering all its possibilities. At the Discover SoftWash camp, you will have education that spans everything from basic uses for our equipment, spraying techniques, and how to use and understand the chemicals. These classes are both instructional in-class setting and in-field hands-on training.

At Discover SoftWash we can help a seasoned veteran learn new tricks, a novice start a new business, an employee of a company in-network get trained, or educate someone who just wants to find out what soft washing is all about!

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Discover SoftWash Academy

8:30AM 9:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM 12:00PM 1:00PM - 5:00PM


MEET & GREET Introduction to Soft Washing Introduction to Cradle Skid System The Blend 6X Module LUNCH LABS


MEET & GREET Sustainability of Bleach Introduction to SoftWash Systems Chemicals Chemical Mixology LUNCH CLEAN


MEET & GREET Steps to Success Selling Soft Washing Equipment Maintenance LUNCH CLEAN


LABS – No classroom setting for these classes


A basic introduction of why soft washing is needed, and the biology behind mold, mildew, and the gentle cleaning process of soft washing.

Introduction to Cradle Skid System

The revolutionary design of the cradle skid and how it can supplement your existing business or provide an entirely new business with many capabilities.

The Blend 6X Module

Introducing our Blend Technology, and the ease of use and robust functionalities that it has to offer.

Sustainability of Bleach

Breaking down the barriers of “Bleach” and the negative connotation behind it. Elaborating on how bleach plays a vital role in the cleaning industry, but also day-to-day household cleaning uses.


In this class, you will be introduced to SoftWash Systems chemical products. The science behind them, what they clean, and how to use them in the field.


Understanding how our soft washing solutions are mixed is important. However, now knowing exact math is not necessary. This class will help you know enough about how soft washing solutions are mixed to appreciate the chemistry without weighing down your mind with useless details.

Selling Soft Washing

An introductory class that helps identify the benefits and differentiators of soft washing versus other cleaning methods on the market, and how to explain it to your clients.

Steps to Success

An overview of what it means to be In-Network, how to achieve the status, and what benefits are applicable to each education level. This class also introduces the Regional Service Center’s team that interacts directly with clients.

Equipment Maintenance

A basic introduction to general maintenance on your equipment and the steps to take to perform day-to-day care for your system.


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