Softwash Systems is the world’s largest soft washing and sanitation network comprised of 220 companies throughout nine countries that exclusively use our equipment, chemicals and training to perform their soft washing and sanitation services.

We use biodegradable water-based chemicals that emulsify dirt and grime and sanitize the surface being treated. Our unique process utilizes the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Controls (CDC) recommended sanitizing process. Additionally, our companies have received a certification specific to the current need.

We specialize in bulk sanitation projects with each truck capable of treating up to 50,000 sq. ft. in a single day. To put this into perspective our fleet of trucks could sanitize the entire national mall and its monuments in a single day. While our primary focus is outdoor surfaces such as building exteriors, patios, congregating areas, benches, play grounds, pools, spa decks, entry ways, hand rails and the like we also treat and sanitize indoor bathrooms, locker rooms, gymnasiums, and other durable surfaces. We can provide one-time cleanings, seasonal cleanings, and maintenance programs to meet your need whether seasonal or immediate.

By engaging a SoftWash Systems sanitation specialist you will gain peace of mind that your premises have been disinfected using CDC and WHO guidelines. Once the SoftWash Systems sanitation specialist completes the sanitation of your facility they will leave behind time dated signage and or decals promoting that the area has been properly sanitized. This will help you in this new normal communicate to customers, clients and neighbors that you are providing a sanitized environment for them to enjoy.

You can visit our locator page  to engage one of our In-Network Certified Sanitation Specialists.

SoftWash Systems In-Network Companies

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SoftWash Systems wants to harness the generosity of our Network, to help find a cure for Breast Cancer once and for all. We are encouraging a donation of your time and resources, allowing us to further reach our goals. Our Goal collectively as a network is to contribute over $100,000 funding for the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Why We Use Ask The Seal

We care about your safety and security!

At SoftWash Systems we use Ask the Seal to certify that all in-network companies are properly licensed, insured and carry workman’s comp. It also insures that the company owner as well as all employees have been background checked so that every technician assigned to your home or business is reliable and trustworthy.