SoftWash Systems Pro Staff

Pro Staff Members are experienced soft washing veterans that follow our SoftWash Systems model. They are extensions of the SoftWash Systems team, allowing for real expertise in the field to be accessed by members of our in-network companies. The Pro Staff Members all have successful businesses in the soft washing world, and can help in many different areas – but mainly the Pro Staff is available to you for specific in field questions. The SoftWash Systems team of Shield Representatives can help with a majority of questions – please always feel free to call the office first at 855.763.8669.

The Pro Staff Members can help with technical questions about your equipment, give advice on how to clean specialty surfaces and guide a novice SoftWash Systems In-Network company on how to price an unfamiliar building or surface. Pro Staff Members are great sources of information on what being a SoftWash Systems In-Network company is like and can guide or answer questions on that topic as well.

Derek Fontenot

Back 2 Bright


Dwayne Atkinson

Southern Style SoftWash


Craig Lawrance

NC SoftWash


Ray Melendez

Complete Home Care


Joe Rogers

Poseidon Power Washing


Josh Agadoni

Puretec Property Services


Chris Lombardo

No Moss SoftWash


Gary Bola

Mr. Clean Power Wash