Package 30:30

Own your own business in 30 days for LESS than 30k

Are you left without a job in these crazy covid times? Better to be your own boss anyways! Start your own business in less than 30 days with this incredible opportunity.


Package 30:30 Includes:

57” Lower Skid Unit
Reel Stand Lite
Reel Stand Extension
50 Gallon Blend 3D Module
1 Soap Saddle tank
50 Gallon Rinse DC Module
1 Plant Wash Saddle Tank
18” Manual UFrame Titan Hose Reel, loaded with ½” Clear Braid Hose
18” Manual UFrame Titan Hose Reel, loaded with ⅝” Clear Braid Hose
Spray Wand & 2 Tips
Rinse Wand & 2 Tips
2 Marine Grade Deep Cycle batteries
Labor Included
* Stock images used for marketing material. Actual equipment package is a different configuration


  • 50 Gallons Bleach
  • Chemical Package
2 Green Wash 6x 1-Gallon
2 Terra Wash 6x 1-Gallon
1 Final Wash 6x 1-Gallon
4 Oxi Wash 1-Gallon
4 Wood Wash 1-Gallon
4 Restore 1-Gallon
4 Rain Fresh 1-Gallon
2 Plant Wash 25 Pound
1 F9 Barc 1-Gallon
1 F9 Efflo 1-Gallon
1 F9 Double Eagle 1-Gallon
1 Diamond Magic 1-Pint
1 Graffiti Remover: Brick Masonry 1-Gallon
1 Graffiti Remover: Sensitive Surface 1-Gallon
1 Measuring Cylinder – 128oz


  • Certified Applicator & Academy Online
  • Discover SoftWash LIVE Stream
  • Sales Boot Camp Package


  • 1 Hour of Business Consulting with AC Lockyer
  • Demographics Package with AC Lockyer


Branding & Marketing Package

  • Logo Design
  • Vehicle Wrap Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Check It Out Flyer Design
  • Initial Contact Flyer Design
  • Yard Sign Design