The SoftWash Systems CHEMICAL CLUB



Have you ever had to pay costly overnight shipping because you forgot to order your chemical? We know. We’ve been there too, and we hate it! As your support service, we’re happy to introduce the Chemical Club, which is our automatic monthly delivery service. Never forget anything again!


This is just like an auto-renewal for any subscription you are signed up for! There is no cost to participate, and you never have to feel “Locked In.” Simply notify your Shield Service Representative within 10 business days of your shipment and we can SKIP a month that you may not need your standard delivery order. Editing your standard order is a breeze, just let us know and we can fill out an edit form to make the change permanent going forward.


SAVE on your shipping costs. Need something extra? Call us and we can bundle it with your items going out on the next delivery. This can easily save you 20% or more in shipping costs. When in doubt – BUNDLE!


SoftWash Shield Support


What do I need to do?
»   Fill out the Monthly Delivery Form Below to let us know what you need every month.
»   We will call you to verify Shipping address and Credit Card on file.

This isn’t working for me (or, more likely… IT’S SNOWING!) – No Problem! Cancel or Pause your subscription with 30 days notice. No Penalties.

Program Details

• Items will be sent within first 3 business days of each calendar month.
• Credit card will be automatically charged on the same day as your shipment.