Blend 50

The SoftWash Systems Blend Module’s metering valve system allows you to draw bleach and surfactant into your soft washing solution. This makes measuring bleach to chemical ratios simpler than ever before. The new Blend 50 package is built on our 26″ chemical resistant aluminum, forklift compatible lower skid unit. The Blend 50 package has a bleach storage capacity of 50 gallons, that will allow the user up to 500 gallons of continuous soft washing solution.

The 18″ hose reel is fully loaded with 300′ of 1/2″ clear braid hose and a SoftWash Systems ball valve wand including two different tips making this skid ready for spraying. Set up time and priming takes less than 5 minutes after arrival to job site. The Blend 50 is a convenient, compact skid that will make soft washing a profitable, easy task for you and your staff. This system package qualifies for SoftWash Systems Authorized Program.

  • SoftWash Systems Blend Module
  • 26″ Lower Skid Unit – Forklift Compatible
  • 50-Gallon Poly Ethylene Bleach Storage Tank
  • 8-Gallon Saddle Buffer Tank
  • 18″ Titan Aluminum/Stainless Hose Reel
  • 300′ 1/2″ Clear Braid Hose with Ball Valve Wand & Tips
  • Battery Box – Marine Grade Pre-Wired

Ships completely assembled, just add your 12 Volt battery and get started soft washing today!

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