3-Day Camp

Most sales training seminars are all about fluff and excitement. They build you up and get you all psyched up so that you are excited about selling and enthused to hit the road running, but they rarely give you the tools you need to be successful.

At SoftWash Systems Sales Boot Camp we not only give you an important concept to help grow you personally and make you a better salesperson but we also give you great marketing and sales tools to immediately start your phone ringing so that you can put WINS on your scoreboard.

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Day 1

MEET & GREET Selling Soft Washing 5 Keys to Patterning Success Good Stewards LUNCH LABS

Day 2

MEET & GREET Marketing Pioneers Positional Marketing Popcorn Marketing LUNCH LABS

Day 3

MEET & GREET The SoftServ Model Simple Market Research Hunt Or Farm LUNCH LABS

Day 1

Selling Soft Washing

Soft washing is the alternative to pressure washing, but are you selling it as such? What are you doing to so clearly differentiate yourself from the norm in the exterior cleaning industry? This class will address the finer bullet points that need to be part of your presentation when selling this product called soft washing.  
5 Keys To Patterning Success

AC Lockyer has had many successes in his life and none were left to chance. Being deliberate and executing a daily plan will virtually guarantee you are able to obtain everything you want in life if you follow these simple steps AC discovered many years ago. There are five keys to replicating success over and over again. Today you can start using them to win!  
Good Steward

Today environmental concerns are top of mind for the average consumer. We all want to do our part to protect our planet. SoftWash Systems Good Stewards program will help you communicate what you are doing to be a good steward of our Earth and what we are doing to protect it. This class will help you leverage and brag, so to speak, about those efforts.

Day 2

Marketing Pioneers

Tracking and measuring your advertising is an important step towards getting in control of your spending and numbers. Honestly, some advertising is just a turkey. Knowing how to grade and prune your advertising quickly will save you money but also put you on the path to higher and more profitable sales.  
Positional Marketing

How to make your company incomPEARable in today’s marketplace is a challenge today. Being a good company or even a great company doesn’t really get you any props in today’s digital culture. If you have ever heard the phrase-making an apples-to-apples comparison, then you know measuring your company against your competition can be a grueling process. This class will help you make some STARK comparisons so that consumers will clearly see who is a different fruit in the marketplace.  
Popcorn Marketing

Do you need a simple, low cost, and easy to implement a marketing plan for your service business? Well, AC Lockyer’s Popcorn Marketing can be that for you. This is a quick implementation, highly systemized, and replicateable marketing plan for your business that utilizes the time and presence you already have in small marketing bursts we call pops of the corn.

Day 3

The SoftServ Model

Organizing a sales team takes a lot of coordination and workflow management. Poor communication of the process of how you work a lead and turn it into a sale can lead to missteps and customer heartache. This class on the SoftServ Business System will guide your Territory Managers through the process of how they interact daily with this robust business system.  
Simple Market Research

Market research and demographics are very important when selecting and developing sales territories. Knowing who your customer is and where they live is paramount. This sales and marketing class will dive into a simple process for creating lists of target residential customers and how to market to them.  
Hunt or Farm

There are two different approaches to sales team development. One of creating a pack of hunters, the other a tribe of farmers. Soft washing companies need to put down roots and stop the practice of traveling far and wide in search of easy kills and low hanging fruit. To truly build something in your business is to claim your land and start farming it. How much in sales can you really get from your 30-mile bubble? Only a farmer can truly know. The question for you is do I hunt or do I farm?
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