Lead Technician Course

This course is designed to assist with training your lead technician for in-field operations. There are 10 classes that make up this course. This course will equip your lead tech to complete their duties and responsibilities in the field along with back at the office. This course teaches the technical side of spraying and as well as mixing the products and understanding the ins and outs of the spraying system. Your Lead Tech is an extension of you in the field, this course will help ensure that they are equipped and trained to do the job. Your Lead Tech will watch the following classes and upon their completion of the videos, their knowledge will be tested with a 100-question test of which they must get 80% or higher to pass. Upon passing, SoftWash Systems Academy Online will generate their certificate for your records.

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  • Anatomy of a SoftWash Spraying System
  • Chemical Mixology
  • Lead Tech Duties
  • Respirator Safety
  • Road Rules Safety
  • Surfaces – Roof
  • Surfaces – Flatwork
  • Surfaces – Wood
  • Surfaces – Windows
  • Surfaces – Miscellaneous Surface

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Lead Technician Classes

Anatomy of a SoftWash Spraying System

This class discusses the parts and components that make up a soft wash spraying system. All the various modules will be covered to help you best decide what you need on your very own system. This class is a part of our Lead Technician course.

Chemical Mixology

Now that you have learned about the different chemicals that SoftWash Systems carries, you need to know how to mix them. This class is an in-depth class that shows you how to set your dials on your blend module to achieve the mix you need for the surface you are cleaning. This class is a part of our Lead Technician course.

Lead Technician

This class will help Lead Technicians understand what their day to day duties and responsibilities are in the field and at the office and explain the importance of their role in the business.

Respirator Safety

This class dives into more detail of one of the most important pieces of PPE that you and your team members rely on. You will learn about the different types of respirators. what they each do and how to use them properly. This class is a part of the Lead Technician course.

Road Rules Safety

This class covers DOT road rules and driving safely. You share the road with potential customers, it’s important to ensure you are following state requirements along with being a courteous driver. This class is a part of the Lead Technician course.


This class discusses in depth how to soft wash two of the most common roofing materials you will encounter. Shingle roofs and tile roofs. You will learn spraying techniques, how to dissect the roof in sections, and clean it efficiently. This class is part of our Lead Technician and Assistant Technician courses.


Flatwork is often thought that the only way to clean it is with pressure. However, in most cases that is not accurate. This class covers the why, how, and how-to on cleaning flatwork using soft washing methods. This class is a part of the Lead Technician course.


Wood can be a delicate surface, this class will teach you how to clean it, what ratios to use and the proper techniques to treat wood in the various structures it comes in. This class is a part of our Lead Technician course.


This class covers the art of soft washing windows and all the parts and components that make up a window frame. You will learn tips and tricks as well as solution ratios to make your clients’ windows sparkle and shine. This class is a part of the Lead Technician course.


This class covers the many other surfaces that may not have fallen into our other surface categories. You will learn what attention to detail looks like, how to clean various other materials, and more. This class is a part of the Lead Technician course.

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Further your Education by Enrolling in the Certified Applicator Course

Our Certified Applicator is the first level for a professional to participate as an In-Network SoftWash Systems company. The Certified Applicator educational course is designed to teach beginners and professionals how to soft wash profitably. You will receive both a workbook package as well as access to our SoftWash Systems Academy Online, where you will be able to stream educational content at the click of a button. Academy Online is a robust training resource you will use for training both yourself as well as every position inside your company. SoftWash Systems makes hiring and training EASY.

SoftWash Systems offers an education that encompasses all levels of professionals, the best support in the industry, the newest innovations for soft washing equipment, and time tested chemicals that do the work for you!

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