Assistant Technician Course

This course is set up for your Assistant Technician. They are most likely to be your first hire. This course is the foundation of training your technicians. Your assistant technicians will learn the science of soft washing, what chemicals to use on which surfaces, what their specific duties and responsibilities are in the field as well as aid in holding your lead technician responsible for their own duties. The Lead Technician relies heavily on the Assistant Technician. Two of the most important courses are covered in their course, Plant Protection, and Property Protection. These classes are vital to your profit margin and if ignored can impact your business negatively.


Once you have a well-trained Assistant Tech, when you are ready you can then move them to Lead Technician and have them take the corresponding course.


Your Lead Technician will take the 8 classes listed below on SoftWash Systems Academy Online and are required to pass a test with 80% passing or higher.

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  • The Science & Technology of Soft Washing
  • Intro to SoftWash Systems Chemicals
  • Assistant Tech Duties
  • Plant Protection
  • Property Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Ladder Safety
  • Surfaces – Roof

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Assistant Technician Classes

The Science & Technology of Soft Washing

This class is the who, what, when, where, and why of soft washing. What is growing on the surface and can it be removed safely? This class dives into the science that will equip and educate you on why soft washing is the solution to roof and exterior cleaning needs. This class is a part of our Assistant Technician course.

Introduction to SoftWash Systems Chemicals

In this class, you will learn about the chemicals that SoftWash Systems has designed. You will learn what each product does, the surfaces that it works best on, and which ones can be combined to tackle multiple surfaces. This class is a part of our Assistant Technician course.

Assistant Technician

This class will help Assistant Technicians understand what their day to day duties and responsibilities are in the field and at the office and explain the importance of their role in the business.

Plant Protection

This class covers the possible hazards and potential damage that can occur on the job site directly impacting plant and vegetation health. You will learn how to avoid these pitfalls by following the methods in this class. This class is a part of the Assistant Technician course.

Property Protection

This class is the sister class to Plant Protection. Property damage can eat into your profits but is preventable. This class will cover how to protect your client’s property and prevent any damages that could occur. This class is a part of the Assistant Technician Course.

Personal Protective Equipment Safety

This class covers the PPE material and items that allow yourself and your team members to conduct their job in a safe manner. This class is a part of the Assistant Technician course.

Ladder Safety

This class covers one very important tool you will have in your soft washing business. Ladders; the different kinds of ladders, how to safely transport, load and unload, as well as the importance of using ladders properly on a job site. This class is a part of the Assistant Technician course.

Surfaces – Roof

This class discusses in depth how to soft wash two of the most common roofing materials you will encounter. Shingle roofs and tile roofs. You will learn spraying techniques, how to dissect the roof in sections, and clean it efficiently. This class is part of our Lead Technician and Assistant Technician courses.

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Further your Education by Enrolling in the Certified Applicator Course

Our Certified Applicator is the first level for a professional to participate as an In-Network SoftWash Systems company. The Certified Applicator educational course is designed to teach beginners and professionals how to soft wash profitably. You will receive both a workbook package as well as access to our SoftWash Systems Academy Online, where you will be able to stream educational content at the click of a button. Academy Online is a robust training resource you will use for training both yourself as well as every position inside your company. SoftWash Systems makes hiring and training EASY.

SoftWash Systems offers an education that encompasses all levels of professionals, the best support in the industry, the newest innovations for soft washing equipment, and time tested chemicals that do the work for you!

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