In August of 2013, I attended a Softwashapalooza and stumbled across SoftWash Systems as the best way to clean roofs effectively. However, I left that event with way more business knowledge, inspiration and excitement than I ever imagined. To me, SoftWash Systems is way more than a company that sells chemicals, equipment and education – they are a family. Among the network of SoftWashing professionals – are some of the kindest, most generous, successful business owners I’ve ever met and I’ve made friends for life with many of them. If you are simply looking for chemicals & equipment, yes SoftWash Systems makes incredible stuff. But the real value is in learning how to run and grow your business. My company is now over 24 employees and continues to grow. I trace so much of my success back to that first SoftWash Systems event, and recommend SoftWash Systems to anyone looking to grow their cleaning business in a way that sets them apart from any of their competitors.

Brandon Vaughn :: All-Clean! SoftWash

Gold! Gold! Gold! I’m a veteran law enforcement. My partner & I combined 60+ yrs, we been thousands of very professional seminars & training ALL over the country. This is Million dollars training & business. It is for people with serious & professional minded business career ….. it is not for ghetto minded people who trying to be copycats, you get my drift.

All the staffs are phenomenon. V.P. wife’s brought home cooking EVERY DAY to feed everyone! You just cannot & will not find something anywhere. Got to go now…

Sun Oh :: Kolossus SoftWash

Great products and training. #1 in the SoftWash world!

Dennis Podzimek :: National Soft Wash, Inc.

Great Company and great people to deal with.

Chilliwack Handyman

SoftWash systems has helped my husband and i fulfill our dream of being independent business owners. AC Lockyer and his team are phenomenal. Everything from the training to the equipment & soaps/solutions are wonderful. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of an amazing group of in-network companies.

Lindsay Hinesley :: Champion SoftWash

SoftWash Systems is a fantastic conduit for building yourself professionally and personally. Not only do you get the tools, resources and knowledge to go forth and prosper, but you also get the invitation to absolutely immerse yourself in a wonderful international community of like-minded business owners and share a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. You will walk in wanting to make a buck cleaning a roof, and you will walk out a true well-rounded leader who enjoys building relationships.

Adam Hinesley :: Champion SoftWash

The only way I can explain my experience at the SoftWash Academy is just phenomenal. Meeting AC and hearing him speak gave me the boost I needed to pursue this business at 200%. I met some really awesome people who had the same future goals and desires as I do. To put my time at the academy was worth a billion dollars and then some with all the moral boosting advice and ways to succeed. I can’t wait to receive my unit and make it a reality.

Sun Oh :: Kolossus SoftWash

Equipment is awesome, but the education is even better. AC and the team real know how to help people accomplish there business goals while also providing excellent customer service!

Jared Stricklin :: Pelican SoftWash

Extremely professional! If you want the best, these are the guys you need!

Michael J. Mewhorter

Talk about the real deal this system on my first day using it was absolutely phenomenal couldn’t believe how this could achieve such a different washing cleaning the exterior of this farm house customer was absolutely amazed how we did this compared as I have been doing this farm house for over 15 years using a power washer and now I’m doing it the right way NOW SoftWash is the way!

Scott Staley :: Staley SoftWash

Best equipment and training in the industry. Don’t waist your time and money trying to build your own homemade equipment and learning the hard way. SoftWash Systems has already figured that out for you. They can train you and get you up and running in less than a month and also has the continuing education and business systems in place to may sure you succeed.

Daniel Hanks :: Total Clean SoftWash

Not only cleaning the daylights out of all kinds of exterior surfaces but helping people build businesses and employ people all over the country.

Darrin Pruitt

SoftWash Systems is the best! From education, equipment, customer service and detergents. We would not be where we are today as a company without Soft Wash Systems. Thank you for everything!

Freddie Hodge :: Clearview Washing, LLC

SoftWash Systems is a true professional company in every way. Incredible support and leadership. Also a company that gives back! I would highly recommend this company!

Garry Menk :: XTerra Clean

I am feeling super stoked today SoftWash fam. We just soft washed a home for a couple in a very prominent lake community today that found me through the SWS website. I knew immediately I needed to aim high on the quote and preach about the value of not only my business but also our network. We talked about everything but price as we walked around their home together for half an hour (dog breeds, COVID-19, life, etc). When I sat down with them in their living and presented the quote the wife immediately winced at the price of the roof cleaning. It turns out I was $300 higher than other quotes in that category. I was also a bit higher in price for the house wash, driveway, and so on. I offered a 10% discount if they went with the total package. This was my opportunity to again educate them about our differentiators. The husband’s mind you never flinched when he saw the price. He immediately shook my hand and asked when I could put them on our schedule. We completed the cleaning today and provided some freebies here and there. The owners watched us clean while we worked. When we finished the job not only was the wife thrilled with the results, the husband slipped me the 10% I took off the quote back to me in cash. While they’re on the lake this 4th of July weekend I know in my heart they will be raving about us with their friends and neighbors. THANK YOU SWS! Your training and support system rocks.

Richard Steventon :: 4 Seasons SoftWash

I went to discover SoftWash in 2018 thinking I was going to check out a new add on service to my lawn business. There I met A/C Lockyer. In that 4 day class I saw AC’s passion for helping others succeed through the best equipment, the best training and the best team of professionals he has assembled at SoftWash Systems. I have learned that SoftWash Systems is not only teaching us to clean roofs and buildings but they are giving us the tools to grow sustainable businesses so we can help our communities and families prosper. I am looking forward to a phenomenal future with all the tools and knowledge I have gained from SoftWash Systems and the world wide network of professionals.

Michael Zuniga :: Florida Custom Lawn Care LLC