Have you been looking for additional services you can use to expand your carpet cleaning company?

Carpet Cleaning Rut?

Multiply Your Business With Soft Washing!

You should consider magnifying your business with soft washing through becoming a SoftWash Systems In-Network Company!

Less people are having carpet installed in their homes, what are you doing to prevent the decline of your business?

Soft washing is what you need to double your client list instantly!


SoftWash Systems owner AC Lockyer with Jim McDonough, Greg Badger, and Brian Marshall to discuss how adding soft washing with the help of SoftWash Systems helped multiply their carpet cleaning businesses.

SoftWash Systems Network

Not a Franchise

SoftWash Systems is not a franchise, but we can help you with the proper EDUCATION, EQUIPMENT, CHEMICALS, and SUPPORT you need to have a successful soft washing business.

Soft washing is a great magnifier for your carpet cleaning business because it allows you to offer an additional service to your existing customer list that does not interfere with the existing operations of your carpet cleaning services. Unlike other services like fire and water restoration, soft washing has a lower cost to entry, less required training time for your technicians, and still gives you the ability to operate on a standard Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm schedule.

The safe alternative to pressure washing!

Environmentally Friendly. Less Destructive. More Efficient.

Soft washing is the safe exterior cleaning alternative to pressure washing that is more environmentally friendly, less destructive, and much more efficient which adds value to your service and gives you an advantage over the competition.


SoftWash Systems pioneered the cleaning industries most extensive education in soft washing, and safety training program. We have several hands-on training and in class events yearly as well as online classes covering every aspect of the cleaning and soft washing business.



Every advancement that has been brought to the roof and exterior soft washing industry has gone into our company. We invented soft washing; we pioneered the technology with advancements like the Cradle Skid and the Blend Technology to make a positive movement in the roof cleaning industry.



The soft washing industry has been evolving for years. The products developed for SoftWash Systems stem from a history of companies with over 300,000 collective roofs cleaned. Our products are designed for robust, continuous use by dedicated soft washing companies that clean large areas of square footage.



SoftWash Systems has in place a team of Pro Staff members that interact with our network daily, guiding them on how to tackle projects. From a Certified Applicator’s first house soft washing all the way up to a Five Star Company completing a high rise building soft washing, our network members have access to the best in phone, online, and hands-on support.