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It All Started with A Revolutionary Design


Roof cleaning truck

The key foundation to this system is our proprietary cradle skid. This patent pending piece of equipment features a mounting cradle that allows the cradle skid to be mounted into a pick-up truck without adding additional holes to the inside of the truck bed. With the addition of a spray-in bed liner, this design helps keep water, over spray and chemicals from seeping through your truck bed onto valuable vehicle systems and parts under the bed.

The SoftWash Systems Generation III systems have exclusive technology like DPI Injection and our own World System Integration Modules. SoftWash Systems has always been the industry leader in innovation and leadership and our commitment to our equipment shows that leadership.

The Cradle Skid Format


Cradle skid

Our SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid has been through several generational changes since 1998. This proprietary, patent pending design features a universal fit that allows the skid to be mounted into any mid-size or full-size pick-up truck bed. There is a minimum requirement of six feet (6′ US) in length.

Additionally, the cradle skid has the ability to fit up to four (4) of our new World System Integration Modules. This allows for customization of the skid for various cleaning techniques including softwashing but also, pure water window cleaning and pressure/power washing.

The cradle skid can be equipped as shown above with our built in ladder rack or the rack can be omitted from your order so you can use your preferred ladder rack or even house the system under a truck commercial truck cap. Our ladder racks are removable so if you live in a deed restricted community and need to garage your truck you can remove and stow your ladder racks.

The bed rail cradles actually telescope up and down allowing for various truck bed depths as well as widths. The right and left bed rails have been extended to 10″ so that reels can not only be mounted on the rear of the system but on the sides as well. This gives the user a 270 degree (three sided) mounting area for reels.

The entire cradle skid system has now been reduced into easily assembled components which can be purchased separately as you move your SoftWash System from a trailer to a van and eventually into a truck bed.

A New Era, The World System


SoftWash Systems in an effort to expand globally has developed what we are calling our World System Integration Format. Some areas of the world have differing vehicles and even drive on opposing sides of the road. This changes what a SoftWash System might look like in the US versus Europe or even in Australia. Vans are an important part of daily business for the vast majority of the world’s softwashing markets. SoftWash Systems Generation III Cradle Skid Technology has a foundation we call our Lower Skid Unit.

This Lower Skid Unit or LSU can be used alone to mount any of our World System Modules to either curbside left (Europe) or curbside right (US). The skid is 6′ in length and 40″ wide and has built in fork lift pockets. This LSU can easily be mounted within a van allowing the user to mount up to four of our modules within. The four modules would each have an exclusive square modular 50-gallon (189 ltr) poly tanks giving the user a water and chemicals capacity of 200 gallons (758 ltr).

SoftWash Systems can also add the tie rod system that holds the standard cradle skid components and use it to mount an interior ladder rack/equipment rack within the van above the modular units. Additionally, a 48″ version of the LSU is also available for smaller vans, truck beds or trailers.
A New Era, The World System Integration Modules.

Roof cleaning van

SoftWash Systems next innovation came to us as the Graduated Tank Strap. This propitiatory / patent pending technology allows us to secure our 50 gallon tanks to the LSU and mount securely various pieces of equipment atop those tanks saving space but also allowing never before seen expandability in our equipment. The Graduated Tank Strap allows our modules to be mounted either curbside right (US), or curbside left (Europe).

Up to four (4) modules can be mounted on any one system in various configurations allowing a semi-customized feel to your SoftWash System. Depending on the types of cleanings you currently perform, we can add modules to your SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid that take hordes of scattered equipment and consolidates those basic operations alongside your new soft washing operations. All neatly and safely within a single trucks cargo bed.

Service companies within the United States have an obsession with big trucks. SoftWash Systems has made adjustments in our new World System Integration to meet the needs of small truck owners everywhere. Now even smaller mid-size trucks can have the same fire power as the full size trucks as they too can add up to four (4) modules to a cradle skid system. All within the back of their reduced cargo foot print.

Our new modular line-up includes three basic elements to build upon our Cradle Skid format. These elements are modules, tanks and packs.

“Modules” are self-contained systems built on top of our 50-gallon poly tanks and Graduated Tank Straps. These are standalone pieces of equipment that need little or no mechanical expertise to install. This allows softwashing professionals to easily upgrade or even change the configuration of their Cradle Skid System by only removing four bolts. On every module all of the electrical, plumbing and controls are mounted a-top the Graduated Tank Strap for a true drop-in/plug and play installation.

“Tanks” describe the products we sell alongside our modules that do not have equipment mounted atop them. Tanks are simply our 50-gallon poly tanks and Graduated Tank Strap ready to go and plumbed as needed. The most popular ready to use tanks we sell are our Bulk Storage Tank, (generally used for storing chemicals) and our Buffer Tank. (water only tank equipped with a float valve for on-demand supply for pure water systems and power washers.

“Packs” are how we describe standalone products and/or bracket sets that are equipped with electrical, plumbing and controls that can be married to our Graduated Tank Straps or for use on other popular tank systems. In every case if you buy a “pack” from us you will likely need to do a bit of installation and supply your own tank.

The Evolution of DPI Technology

Module bulk rinse

SoftWash Systems is always innovating. Under the leadership of AC Lockyer we have been able to address the concerns of employers and softwashing professionals through education and business systems but also through the development of equipment that is easy to use, maintain and doesn’t waste chemicals or other resources. That is where our Direct Positive Injection Technology (DPI) comes in.

DPI Technology is exclusive to SoftWash Systems and is not to be confused with downstream injection. Downstream injection or what pressure / power washers call “down streaming” is the use of a venturi-style injector that draws a bit of chemical from a bucket into the power / pressure washer line as they pressure wash a building. Though more chemical can be drawn and applied by using a larger orifice tip in the pressure washing gun, this downstream injector becomes less and less effective and has less and less of a draw the further you move away from the power washer or the higher up you must go to clean the surface. Not to mention many of these injectors only operate at a 10 / 1 ratio which is not strong enough to softwash with.

Where our DPI Technology shines is that no matter how far away from your truck you go and no matter how high up you clean, our injector continuously operates at the same injection rate. Our DPI module injects Green Wash or any of our other chemicals dependably at one ounce of cleaner for every one gallon of softwashing solution. Then add our ability to exactly mix the correct bleach and water independently in the tank below the DPI module. This DPI technology keeps overuse of chemicals to a minimum over traditional one batching methods (one batching is where all of the chemicals used in the cleaning are mixed all at once in a single tank).

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A Legacy to Uphold

SoftWash Systems created the softwash industry. We have a responsibility to lead and innovate and to provide the tools for our in-network companies to succeed. Our legacy fulfilled would be to one day look back and see that our equipment, chemicals, education and support provided the catalyst necessary for entrepreneurs to support their families and create jobs. We know that leadership through innovation creates that opportunity and fosters that legacy.