SoftWash Systems CEU Program

Our Goal

  • To create an easy to use means of re-qualifying our in-network companies from year to year.
  • Not based upon SPEND.
  • Based upon growing healthy entrepreneurs.
  • Used to keep the best companies happy and engaged.
  • Used to keep the undesired companies from being within the fold.
  • To control growth and foster a tighter family / network.
  • To build international consistency within our product line and our network of companies providing soft washing services.

Three CEU Categories

SWS – 3 Credits/Class
  • Certified Applicator Program
  • Authorized Professional Program
  • 5 Star Company Program
  • Discover SoftWash
  • Sales Bootcamp
  • Shadow Camp
  • Softwashapolooza
  • Any SoftWash Academy Class
Partner – 2 Credits/Class
  • Partner Companies
  • Howard Partridge

    Frank Crum

    Joseph Walters


General – 1 Credit/Class
  • Industry Assoc.
  • Chamber
  • BBB
  • Conventions
  • Associations

SoftWash Systems offers 17 Educational Opportunities Each Year

Acquire 60 CEU’s yearly to keep status!

CEU Credits Required For Re-Qualifying

  • For 2018 a minimum number of 60 CEUs has been approved by the SoftWash Systems Board of Directors.
  • This is for each and every level in the organization.
  • This helps us track that you are growing your company & employees through continuous training and evaluation.
  • Each employee position in your company must be SWS Certified in Assistant Tech, Lead Tech, Salesperson & Assistant Manager.

Qualifying Naturally

  • A company or individual will qualify naturally on the first year they meet that levels requirements.
  • Naturally means meeting the minimum requirements for your level as stated on the three slides above.
  • The first year of qualifying naturally for your status you will not need to prove CEUs.
  • The second year and forevermore you will re-qualify within the SWS continuing education program.
  • A company or individual will qualify naturally on the first year they meet that levels requirements.


  • For the second year of you earning your status through forevermore, you will need to earn CEUs.
  • This is done for each and every year you earn status within the SWS organization.
  • If an in-network company fails to meet the natural qualifications or the CEU goal for the year they will loose their status.
  • This will be reviewed on a case by case, company by company, basis by the membership committee.