Blend 100
The SoftWash Systems Blend 100 Package has more bleach carrying capacity for your larger residential or commercial jobs. This unit is larger than the Blend 50, using a 42″ forklift compatible skid, and carrying two 50-gallon poly ethylene tanks for a total of 100 gallons of bleach carrying capacity. The Blendcontrol valve system works efforlessly, drawing from both tanks equally to prolong your cleaning time. Because of this increased capacity users will see solution volumes at 350 gallons for a 3% softwashing solution, and as much as 1000 gallons for a 1% softwashing solution. The Blend 100 package keeps you below the 119 gallons US DOT limit for carrying liquid bleach, keeping you legal and profitable at the same time. This system ships completely assembled and is ready to spray, juist add bleach, SoftWash Systems Green Wash, and a 12-volt battery to start making softwashing profits today.This system package qualifies for SoftWash Systems Authorized Program.
  • SoftWash Systems Blend Module
  • 42″ Lower Skid Unit – Forklift Compatible
  • (2) 50-Gallon Poly Ethylene Bleach Storage Tank
  • 8-Gallon Saddle Buffer Tank
  • 18″ Titan Aluminum/Stainless Hose Real
  • 300′ 1/2″ Clear Braid Hose with Ball Valve Want & Tips
  • Battery Box – Marine Grade Pre-Wired

Ships completely assempled, just add your 12 Volt battery and get started softwashing today!


  • 1.  Pass the SoftWash Systems Five Star Company Program.
  • 2.  Pass the SoftWash Systems Authorized Professional Program.
  • 3.  Exclusive Use SoftWash Systems chemicals.
  • 4.  Exclusive Use SoftWash Systems equipment. (In Possesion of Two Active SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid Systems.)
  • 5.  Member of an Industry Association. (UAMCC, IWCA, PWNA)
  • 6.  Ask The Seal (SEALED). See details at


  • 1.  Discounted Standard Shipping (coming soon).
  • 2.  Co-Brand with SoftWash Systems on your advertising, website, truck and storefront.
  • 3.  Featured on the State by State Listing B Position Ad.
  • 4.  Blog Space on the SoftWash Community.
  • 5.  SoftWash Systems Status Badge – On Your Site.
  • 6.  Access to exclusive Authorized Professional advertising materials.
  • 7.  Qualified to recieve SoftWash Systems referral business.
  • 8.  Ability to participate in the SoftWash Systems Co-Op Advertising Funds.