Authorized Professional Course

SoftWash Systems offers education that encompasses all levels of professionals, the best support in the industry, the newest innovations for soft washing equipment, and time tested chemicals that do the work for you!

This is the complete program, consisting of 20 modules to elevate you from the Certified Applicator to an Authorized Professional.

With these 20 classes, you will learn what the Authorized Model is and represents in the soft wash industry. We will cover 4 main categories.

Each category is broken down with 5 classes that will cover various areas of your business. From Tracking & Measuring, Organizational Charts, Network Standards to Your First Truck.

The information in this course will take you from being Owner Technician to Owner Manager, as well as preparing you for getting off the truck.

  • Models
  • Systems
  • Professionalism
  • Compliance

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Authorized Professional Classes


The Authorized Model

Being on model as an Authorized Professional outlines how to become a soft wash business professional. Not only will you learn how to perfect your first truck and make it profitable, but you will also learn how to invest in your own leadership development so that you can properly lead a team to grow your business.

The Commercial Model

Where do you start when hiring employees to join your team? More than that, what is the first position you should hire? The steps you take early in your company hiring the key players will either stifle or propel your success. Are you hiring the right people or just the ones that make you feel better?

The Financial Model

Using the SoftWash Systems Simple Pro Forma and the book, Profit First, to guide your business’ financial plan.

The Residential Model

The grass is greener on the other side. Companies who do mostly residential business want more commercial. Commercially oriented businesses want to gain back market share in residential work. Who is right? Absolutely every time residential work is where you begin and build a solid, successful, and secure service business. This class will help you see the light on why residential is where you should focus your efforts.

The Sales Model

Using the SoftWash Systems Simple Pro Forma and the book Profit First to guide your business’s financial plan.


Assembling Your Team

It’s time to hire your first employee and start building your team. Where do you start? What is the most important hire? The first hire can be a tough hire and certainly discouraging if it doesn’t work out. This class will help you envision making the right steps to make the right hires.

Intro to the SoftServ™ Business System

SoftWash Systems has worked hard to create systems so that you don’t have to. Our 6 Part NCR forms literally walks you through the procedures, making creating and keeping systems a breeze.

The Organizational Charts

Building a great team takes some planning. Football teams can have 11 players on the field, basketball 5 and baseball 9. What positions on your team do you have to fill at the level you are at today? Why do you need to be very deliberate about things like organizational charts and job descriptions?

Tracking and Measuring

Professional Requirements for Tracking and Measuring in your company! If you don’t keep score, then you don’t know if you’re winning or losing.

Perfecting Your First Truck

Getting your first soft wash truck right can be a monumental task. So before you move to add a second truck you should exorcise your demons from your first, to avoid doubling your troubles. Getting a nearly perfect truck/product is very important before you enter the replication phase in the development of your company.



This class demonstrated how you can utilize SoftWash Systems Authorized Professional branded material to differentiate your business from others. You will be taught how to stay in compliance and what the best ways are to advertise your relationship with SoftWash Systems Network.

Customer Care

As your company grows you will encounter two specific areas that may have seemed minor as an owner technician or even an owner-operator. These two areas are quality control and customer care. This class is a discussion of these two factors and how they impact your company. What seemed like a small concern is now magnified as you add more team members and trucks on the road.

Network Standards

The SoftWash Systems 50-Point Standard. Our operating standard for all in-network companies.

Professional Courtesy

Being an in-network company with SoftWash Systems is a big responsibility, especially since we don’t have the constraints of a franchising company. Every in-network company has an obligation to drive the spirit of equitable play and good will between close geographical players within the organization. Our hope is that this presentation helps you help us foster the culture of our tribe and keeps conflict down to a minimum.

In-Network Uniform Standard

The importance of the uniform and the positioning of the Softwash Systems™ co-branding on the uniform.


Consumer Affairs

There are many unknown licensing requirements and professional regulations for an industry that seems so unregulated. This class will help you navigate potential pit falls as your company grows and becomes successful & profitable.


We all have to do our part to protect the environment. As an exterior cleaning business, there are laws that you have to follow to prevent being fined while on a job. The Clean Water Act outlines what those laws are, and how to make sure you are in compliance.


Stepping up to becoming an Authorized Professional with SoftWash Systems means that we tell potential customers that you are capable and prepared to do projects in excess of $3,000.00. Part of that capability is adding several insurances that you may not have or upgrading some that may not have correct limits on. This class will help you get your insurance requirements correct for doing business at the Authorized level.

Motor Vehicle

Now that you are becoming an Authorized Professional within our organization you will be adding trucks as you grow. Knowing and being proficient on DOT requirements will keep your trucks from being under the watchful eye of the DOT and having undue attention paid to your vehicles. There is no reason to fall needlessly under DOT scrutiny.

Health Safety

Worksite safety is not only a law-governed by state and federal agencies it is also a responsibility under our Good Stewards pledge. This class will prepare you for adding key compliance protocols for ensuring worksite safety. Additionally, it will help you have a healthy attitude about the men and women charged by our government to help bring industries into compliance.

Becoming an Authorized Professional

Anyone can build soft wash style equipment and sell soaps. Only SoftWash Systems offers a turn-key business model with the best tools and support in the industry! If you want to have the support of a nurturing business oriented community and the leadership of the owner of a multi-million-dollar cleaning company/patriarch of the soft wash roof cleaning industry, then consider becoming an in-network company with SoftWash Systems.