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A New Option To Pressure / Power Washing

Softwashing was developed by AC Lockyer with his knowledge and experience in plant sciences. AC knew that the bacteria, molds, fungus and algae growing on the exterior of buildings were more closely associated with an infection than a stain.

Knowing this AC drew from his experiences and combined the technology of treating pests and fungus on plants with compatible cleaning chemicals and thereby inventing softwashing. Now instead of the regular, bothersome, blowing and blasting of pressure washing property owners could have cleanings done without the damages normally associated with pressure washing.

Softwashing then developed into other surfaces of cleaning in differing regions of the country. Once just used to eradicate mold and mildew SoftWash Systems developed new chemicals and techniques to take this advanced cleaning into dry, arid climates as well.

A Reliable National Network of Softwashing Professionals


SoftWash Systems through their equipment, chemicals, education and support have been able to assemble a National Network of exterior cleaning companies that are similarly prepared to serve you. All of this with our training and events throughout the US for our in-network softwashing professionals

Each and every SoftWash Systems Authorized Company has had to undergo hours of training in classroom, online and at our seven regional hands-on training events nationwide. Then tested each and every employee of those companies has been certified for their individual job description. There is no other national cleaning company that has as robust of a training system as SoftWash Systems and our in-network companies leverage that to make their cleaning and soft washing companies the very best in the industry.

As property owners that need reliable professional exterior cleaning services you can draw on SoftWash Systems to provide proficient, reliable companies you can trust. Exterior soft washing and roof cleaning companies that know their role in making your job managing your property a pleasure not a burden... at least when it comes to working with our companies towards the common goal of you having a clean, attractive property in your portfolio.


A Business Plan For Deliberate Entrepreneurs

Whether you have an existing business you wish to add softwashing to, or you are starting new with your first business venture, SoftWash Systems makes starting this journey easy.

Why reinvent the wheel? It is a process in vane. Either when starting a new venture or adding to the services you currently provide, we make adding softwashing easy.

Ease is one thing but proven and profitable is another. SoftWash Systems puts the systems in the softwashing business. We endeavor each and every day to create the equipment, chemicals, education and support that are the envy of the soft washing industry. This allows you to venture into the softwashing services offerings with confidence and strength positioning your and your company for the highest possible levels of success.

SoftWash Systems also produces eight great training events throughout the year and attends annually eight conventions and industry association trade shows. We make ourselves available regionally so you can easily participate in our industry leading events.

Starting down the path to profitability in soft washing only takes one phone call. Please feel free to contact us at our offices with the information in the footer below. We would be happy to aid you in directing your attention to several resources we have available to help you make informed decisions about adding soft wash roof and exterior cleaning services.

Remember at SoftWash Systems we put the systems in the softwashing business.